JC and Associates Consulting, LLC was founded in 2011 by Jared C. Fields.

JC and Associates Consulting is an organizational network consulting company that provides access and connections to individuals and companies for business purposes. We aim to establish top of the line network connectiosn for up and coming professionals, as well as established professionals.

Jared Fields is a network strategist that has served clients from a wide and diverse range of industries and disciplines.

We offer a variety of core services including creating business relationships through strategic alliance and partnership, program development, event planning, public speaking and networking events.

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JC and Associates Founder and CEO, Jared C. Fields, MPA

Network Consulting

Develop organizational relationships between entities to enhance and ensure its business ventures.

Program Development

To analyze and create programs that meets the specific needs of the business and to enhance its business ventures.

Event Planning

To research information and venues to organize functions that cater to the specific organization. To congregate entities for the possibility of establishing relationships, offer recommendations, and negotiating potential business opportunities.

Public Speaking

Keynote speaking for different occasions about various topics.

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